this fashion label pursues a distinct, classic and african style, which is individually shaped to the requirements of everybody.
is Regina Zimmermann, a master dressmaker and fashion designer with a German Masters degree in fashion design.
MASSCLUSIVE offers a professional service and advise in the MASSCLUSIVE studio/showroom.
MASSCLUSIVE emphasis is on best fabrics and quality.
MASSCLUSIVE all models are altered to ensure the perfect fit.
comprises dresses, skirts, blazers, pants, coats, blouses, evening gowns and matric dance dresses.
MASSCLUSIVE individual fitting on all samples on display in the showroom.
acknowledges that every body shape is different and needs to have waist, hip and elbows at the position that best fits the individual.
MASSCLUSIVE allows you to choose your colour details and fabrics.
MASSCLUSIVE is a clear style of cut which fits !
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